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It’s simple to understand why Glasgow is one of the most well-liked locations in the UK for real estate investment. Glasgow provides excellent returns for real estate investors thanks to its high rental yields and robust houses for sale in Glasgow.
The city centre and other areas like Shawlands and ease end by the river Clyde are desirable areas to live and work in since it has a strong economy and is home to numerous significant firms. Glasgow has experienced an average property price rise of 4.5% over the last five years, making it a great place to invest. Rent costs have also increased steadily; in Glasgow, the average rent for a one-bedroom flat is currently £843 per month. 

In Glasgow, where 38% of residents rent their houses in the private or social sectors, there is a high demand for rental units. This is brought on by a number of elements, including Glasgow’s sizable student population and the high cost of home ownership in the city. Property investors like Glasgow’s West End, Merchant City, and East End among other neighborhoods. These places are in high demand among tenants and have high rental yields. 

What are the requirements to buy property in Scotland?

In Glasgow, there aren’t many limits on who can purchase real estate, making it a fantastic place to invest. However, Scotland operates a little differently from the rest of the UK when it comes to buying real estate.

Legal Negotiations

In Scotland, a process known as “Solicitor Negotiations” is used to buy and sell properties. This means that you will need to hire a lawyer and an estate agent to represent you during the acquisition procedure.

House survey

As part of the marketing process, the seller is required to deliver a home survey, an energy performance certificate, and a property questionnaire.

Mortgage contract

Before making an offer on a home, the buyer must have secured a mortgage in principle, unless they are paying cash.
The process is largely the same for the buyer themself, even though some of the stages that the lawyers follow are different from those in the rest of the UK. The following information must be provided:

ID proof: passport or driver’s license

  • Utility bills, bank statements, or council tax bills can serve as proof of address.
  • Paystubs or bank statements are acceptable forms of proof of funding.

These documents are needed by your lawyer as part of the due diligence they must perform on your behalf.

How much tax do I pay when buying a property in Glasgow?

The Land and Buildings Transaction Tax (LBTT) has replaced stamp duty as the official name in Scotland. The amount of the LBTT tax, which must be paid on the acquisition of real estate, is determined by the value of the asset.
In Scotland, the LBTT rates for residential properties are:

  • 0% on homes up to £145,000 in price
  • In the range of £145,001 and £250,000, there is a 2% tax.
  • In the range of £250,001 and £325,000, there is a 5% tax.
  • 10% on any sums between £325,001 and £750,000
  • 12% of the property worth over £750,000 is the additional fee.

Please take note that only first residences are eligible for this pricing. Each band is increased by an additional +4% for additional dwellings. You will receive a combined charge for water rates and council tax (an annual property tax) after making the purchase. The sum demanded will be determined by the property band, which is a valuation of the property.
Revenue from UK properties is subject to income tax. You don’t have to be concerned about suddenly becoming subject to tax on the income from your home country because, as a non-UK resident, you are only taxed on the money you earn in the UK.

What are the dangers of buying property in Glasgow?

As mentioned above, you must be aware of the new rules that were implemented earlier this year if you intend to invest in a home with the intention of renting it out via Airbnb or other short-term leases. All owners of short-term leases must have licenses by 2024, failing which they risk a £50,000 fine and being barred from renting out property in the city.

Short-term license

Although it is still feasible to run a short-term rental business with a license, only a certain number of licenses will be issued. Look for homes along a major transportation route (i.e., in less desirable, louder areas where there are already lots of people traveling by car) and steer clear of homes that are situated off of it.

The UK economy 

The dynamics of the larger economy do not spare Glasgow. A decline in the UK economy could result in fewer people needing to rent homes, which would lower rental rates. The UK economy is far from solid due to recent political issues, so keep this in mind if you’re thinking about investing in Glasgow real estate.

Property worth

Finally, just like with any investment, there is always a chance that the property you buy won’t appreciate as much as you anticipate. There are no assurances, even though housing prices in Glasgow have increased significantly in recent years.

Why buy property in Glasgow?

Despite the dangers we’ve discussed above, the city has experienced a steady increase in property values and hasn’t experienced any big downturns. With a young population and a robust economy, there is every reason to think that this trend will continue. An imbalance in the supply and demand of properties, particularly in the rental market, has contributed to driving prices higher.

Glasgow provides investors with a wide range of options. Every taste and budget can be satisfied, from apartments in the city to suburban family houses.

Can foreigners find a property to buy in Glasgow? 

Foreigners can purchase real estate in Glasgow, yes. In the city, there are no limitations on who can buy real estate. You should be conscious of any potential additional expenses, such as stamp duty. You will pay an extra 4% on top of the usual stamp duty rates because your investment is probably not your first property.

Is it a good time to buy a home in Glasgow right now?

Property values in Glasgow are increasing more quickly than those in Scotland as a whole, indicating that this is a great moment to buy in the city. Some have concluded that the city is cracking down on investment properties in light of the recently introduced new short-term letting restrictions.

Glasgow is a city in Scotland that has become increasingly popular among property investors due to its robust rental market and high rental yields. The average house price in Glasgow has risen by 4.5% in the last five years, making it a great place to invest in property. The city has a strong economy and is home to many major companies, making it an attractive location to live and work. With 38% of residents in Glasgow renting their homes in the private or social sectors, there is high demand for rental properties, especially in popular neighborhoods like the West End, Merchant City, and East End. To buy property in Glasgow, you will need to follow the process of Solicitor Negotiations, which includes obtaining a mortgage in principle and providing ID proof and proof of funding. You will also need to pay the Land and Buildings Transaction Tax (LBTT) based on the value of the property. There are risks involved in buying property in Glasgow, such as the need for licenses for short-term rentals and the potential for the condition of the property to affect its value. However, with its strong rental market and attractive neighborhoods, Glasgow remains a desirable location for property investment.

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