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Our commercial property attorneys provide a single point of contact for advice and support on commercial real estate-related legal services. We take a very proactive stance in this field as an established legal company with a focus on commercial property.

By learning about our client’s businesses and adapting our service to meet their unique demands, we hope to offer them a personalised service. Each specialist at Complete Clarity, a commercial property lawyer team works to get the best result for every client.

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How Our Scottish Commercial Conveyancing Property Lawyers can help

Our commercial property attorneys have a wealth of knowledge in a variety of real estate law fields. Our team consists of experts in the legal facets of:

  • Development 
  • leasing of commercial property
  • Finance Investment
  • Tenant and landlord
  • Environmental law and planning
  • Asset and portfolio management

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What Is Commercial Property?

Any type of property or piece of land kept with the intention of turning a profit is referred to as a commercial property. This might be accomplished by the property’s sale or rental income. Commercial real estate, income property, and investment property are other names for commercial property.

Why Choose And Contact Our Commercial Property Lawyers?

We think that our commercial property legal counsel is among the best in the UK for a variety of reasons. Our corporate property solicitors provide precise, lucid, and committed help and direction on a range of specialisms. They have decades of combined experience in commercial property law.

As a regulated law firm, we pride ourselves on our team of experienced lawyers who specialise in buying or selling a business, commercial leases, business premises, and other legal issues related to commercial interests.

Our team of specialist commercial property lawyers have decades of combined experience in handling legal matters related to development, leasing of commercial property, finance investment, tenant and landlord, environmental law and planning, asset and portfolio management, property developers, the public sector, and landowners. We aim to provide a personalised service by adapting to the unique demands of each client.

Whether you have questions about buying a business or a leasehold, our team of experienced commercial lawyers can help you navigate any legal issue. Contact us at 0808 169 7033 to speak with one of our legal advisors for a free, no-obligation initial consultation with one of our highly qualified lawyers.

Whether you have questions about buying a business or a leasehold, our team of experienced commercial lawyers can help you navigate any legal issue. Contact us at 0808 169 7033 to speak with one of our legal advisors for a free, no-obligation initial consultation with one of our highly qualified commercial property lawyers.

Commercial Property – frequently asked questions

I Own Several Commercial Properties. Where Should I Source A Tenancy Agreement, At A Fixed Price, And What Terms Should It Include?

Online tenancy agreement forms are accessible, but we highly advise against utilizing them because doing so could result in major problems and additional expenditures down the road. Instead, look for a lawyer who provides a fixed-price service that was established upfront.

This implies that in addition to receiving a report on the lease, you may incorporate your own terms and make sure they are enforceable by law. This makes sure that both you and the tenant are completely aware of your responsibilities. Additionally, for a set fee, your lawyer can organize lease fulfilment.

The language that should be used will be heavily influenced by a variety of variables, such as the type of property — is it a retail space? Industrial? Is it a part of the property the entire building?

You can choose the best type of lease and ensure that additional clauses like repairing requirements, service charge payments, and rent reviews are included by consulting a specialist lawyer. Other things to think about are clauses that allow either party to leave the property or transfer the lease to another party before the end of the lease period, even if they may not seem important right now.

To keep your buildings occupied as a landlord, you might need to give your tenants some freedom, which could include modifying your lease’s terms. You may decide what you can afford to compromise on and what you should try to ensure with the assistance of a commercial property attorney.

A professional commercial property law solicitor will make sure that the lease not only best protects your immediate interest but also safeguards your long-term business interests because the property is your investment.

What Does A Commercial Property Lawyer Do?

Every legal need pertaining to the sale or lease of a commercial building, piece of land, or commercial property is handled by a commercial property solicitor. It is a specialized area of law that calls for knowledge of both leases and transactions involving commercial real estate.

How To Value Commercial Scottish Property Transactions?

Since the market is continuously shifting and there are numerous elements that might affect the value of this type of property, it can be difficult to accurately value any commercial property. Both the property’s potential for income and the building’s bricks-and-mortar value will be included in the valuation.

You can get the current value of the property from a specialised commercial property agency. For an estimate of what it will cost to rent commercial property, visit our calculator.

How To Buy A Commercial Property

Purchasing a commercial property can be complicated, depending on the situation and whether the property is being bought outright or under a lease. It is crucial to seek the counsel of a qualified business property attorney.

Before making an offer on a commercial property you’ve identified, if it’s not a cash acquisition, you’ll need to organise your financing. A conveyancing lawyer will be required to handle the conveyancing procedure and prepare the documents once the present owner has accepted the bid on the commercial property. Similar to a residential property transaction, the sale is legally binding after the documents have been exchanged, and the procedure is complete when the property is legally in the hands of the next owner.

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Whether you have questions about a potential property purchase, sale or lease, our team of experienced commercial real estate solicitors can help. We’ve been involved in numerous successful commercial property transactions across Scotland and can provide accurate advice, along with the level of support that you need at every stage of the process. Our team of knowledgeable commercial real estate solicitors can assist you if you have any inquiries concerning a potential commercial property purchase, sale, or lease. We have experience with many successful commercial real estate transactions and can offer accurate advice and the degree of assistance you require at each stage of the process.

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